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1) Q-Is Fun Bounce House Licensed and Insured?

A- Yes, for sure! Fun Bounce House is fully licensed and insured, an insurance certificate is available upon request.

We are listed on the official Broward County vendor’s list, take a look…..


2) Q- Do I need to prepare anything for the bounce house?

A- Yes, please make sure the area is clear of any items, toys, water hoses & pets!  Make sure if your dog poops you scoop the area, Kids at play keep poop away!

3) Q-What am I responsible for?

A: All the kids &  all the rental equipment, remember this is a family business and we are trusting you with our price possessions  please be courteous.

4) Q-Do you clean your bounce houses?

A: Ohhh yes!  keep germs aways….  we sanitize  and disinfect all of our units after each rental with a high grade safe solution,  we are parents too, we know how important it is for kids to be in a clean safe environment.

5) Q-Are bounce houses safe?

A- Yes, Fun Bounce House takes pride on safety! our products  are safe as long as you follow the rules and instructions.  Please use common sense at all times, this are your kids!

6) Q- Can I rent a “Wet” Bounce House (Slide) for a park?

A- No, unfortunately, parks do not allow this type of rentals.

7) Q- Do I need a generator for a park rental?

A- Yes, you need a generator which we will provide for an additional charge (part of your park package)  Personal generators are NOT allowed.

8) Q-Can I have a bounce house setup on a driveway?

A-Yes, please let us know in advance! this type of setup will require a sandbag which we will provide.

9) Q-How long does it take you to set up the unit?

A- anywhere between 15-20 minutes including 5 minutes briefing of instructions.

10) Q- How far in advance do I need to schedule my bounce house party?

A- We recommend you schedule your rentals as soon as possible; however, some rentals can be arranged last minute upon availability of the unit.

If you have other questions that are not listed here, feel free to call us! All questions welcome….

      954-695-8492                        email: funbouncehouse9@gmail.com

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